Tuesdays with Daniel: How to survive bear attacks with household items

August 30, 2011


I know there is a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there regarding the subject of warding off bear attacks.  It can become overwhelming, you may even get to the point where leaving your house becomes a terrifying thought.  That’s why I have decided to put together a little “how to” guide if you […]

The Worst Damn Sports Column Period: Living in a Fantasy

August 26, 2011


When the NFL Lockout ended, what was the first thing that crossed your mind?  Were you happy because you were going to be able to watch football, or were you happy because you were going to be able to play fantasy football?  Probably a little bit of both, right?  I mean, watching NFL football is […]

Crash the Cash, Vol. 5: Hip-Hop’s Mario Lemieux

August 25, 2011


Basketball lends itself to hip-hop. Jay-Z is, “the Michael Jordan of recording” (“Show Me Whatcha Got”). Fu-Schnickens is, “Slammin’ like my man Scottie Pippen (“Sneakin’ Up on Ya”). Ad Rock’s,“got heart like John Starks, hitting mad sparks” (“Get It Together”). And Master P bought his own minor league team so he could play (and his teammates could play 4-on-5). […]

Tuesdays with Daniel: I wish young, attractive girls would quit pretending to be creepy, old dudes on Craig’s List, just to take advantage of me

August 23, 2011


Let me tell you something Rod, if that is your real name: when you tell someone you have an Econoline van with an airbrushed wolf fighting a cobra on the side, you damn well better have an Econoline van with a damn wolf fighting a cobra on the side. You promised afternoons full of Red […]

The Monday Garbage Barge

August 22, 2011


If you are reading this I am on a 9 hour trek back from Denver Colorado, my kids are probably screaming in the back seat about having to pee, wanting to watch a movie, and telling me they are hungry. My wife is probably asleep in the seat next to me, I more than likely […]

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The Worst Damn Sports Column Period: What the VORP?

August 19, 2011


When I was growing up I was always a big “stat guy.”  I spent hours and hours perusing the backs of my baseball cards and combing over box scores in the newspaper (obviously this was pre-Internet, which feels like a very long time ago).  When I played Little League baseball I used to keep track […]

Crash the Cash No. 4: Great Scott, It’s an Extreme Hypothetical

August 18, 2011


I love time travel, or at least the concept. I’m a sucker for it. My favorite book in grade school was H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine.” My favorite movies include “Frequency,” “Deja Vu” and even the “Bill and Ted” series. My favorite video games are the “Prince of Persia” series. And the only trilogy for […]


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